October 16 2017

Do you want to make beats? Write songs? Perform them live? KEEP READING...

I'm teaching a Beats by Girlz class this fall! Ableton Live for girls and trans youth (8-16 years old). Contact me at partypartynails@gmail.com or visit beatsbygirlz.com to learn more about Beats by Girlz and how to bring it to your community!


Also: I will be teaching an Ableton Live class for grownups this January at Junior High in Los Angeles! More info on that here.


October 13 2017

"Solo" my feature with Getter drops in one week! Here is the cover art (by Nick Kempton)



September 30th 2017

I'm on tour with Lights and PVRIS right now! It's a crazy good time and I can't wait to write more about it. Maybe I will start a blog section on this page. There are so many great photos from a lot of very talented photographers, which I will be sharing on this website as soon as possible!

Stay tuned for new music and tour announcements coming soon.

photo by Naz Massaro my *official* tour photog.

photo by Naz Massaro my *official* tour photog.